Section 73

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There are four main steps involved in getting a Section 73 Compliance Certificate.


When you apply for a Section 73 Compliance Certificate, we’ll require a copy of approved plans (by either council or private certifier) along with your DA or CDC to assess what servicing requirements you will need to meet Sydney Water standards.

Notice of Requirements

If you already have Sydney Water requirements, we’ll submit you plans and DA to Sydney water who will then issue you a Section 73 Compliance Certificate within 30 days.
If you are required to construct an asset to service your development or are required to do further work to or to protect the assets, we’ll detail this in a Notice of Requirements letter.
All the works outlined in your letter need to be completed to get your Section 73 Compliance Certificate.
The Notice of Requirements is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.


You’ll need to use a Sydney Water accredited constructor to build and  we will as your WSC supervise any works outlined in your Notice of Requirements.

Certificate and approvals

Sydney Water will issue your Section 73 Compliance Certificate to take to your council when:

  • all the works from your Notice of Requirements are constructed and inspected
  • you’ve paid all fees & invoices.
  • Building Plan Approval is completed

If your development is large, complex or needs major works, you may have to meet other requirements before Sydney Water will issue a Section 73 Compliance Certificate. This might  include bonding your works or additional inspections. These will be outlined and explained in your Notice of requirements

Required items
  • Full Council DA Conditions
  • Site plan as per council description
  • A PPN is required if you are Torrens or Strata Subdividing

Once all the correct information is received your application will be submitted to Sydney Water within 3 days for their appraisal

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